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Re: Invalid Battery ID

Originally Posted by feliciano View Post
Has anyone seen/found a workaround for it?
It shows me that error and resets when I try to use a generic replacement battery. With its original battery works fine (I just wanted to have an extra battery).
Dear feliciano

You have to bought the same battery (written as LG 400 V ) Not like LG 400 N.

I have also bought a battery for as extra battery. but that was not working, I have tried to check its circuitry but it is not matching with any battery in India.
I think you have to import from USA or buy from
I do not know where are you living. But in India it is not available.
I had tried to bought from after paying in dollar i.e. 7 dollar with shipping. but item was not reached to me because they sent it with normal postal way without any tracking number.
In it is very costly like 1300 to 1400 Rupees. where as I bought the set only for Rs.6000/-.means one forth the cost of the set.
So presently I have stopped my idea to purchase the battery.

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