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Post HTC Status vs. HTC Chacha

What's the difference between the HTC Status and the HTC Chacha? Was it just a name rebranding, or were there any updates to the stock firmware, changes to the physical model, or difference among the hardware used?

I know some people complained about only getting EDGE with T-Mobile, but with their 2GB classic overage-free plan that's all I'd need to upload source to the server at work, and maybe listen to Pandora, as well as use Google Voice for text and maybe voice when I have decent WiFi.

The 5MP camera with dual LED flash, microHCSD card slot with 32GB capability, WiFi with the QWERTY keyboard which was a must since even on huge tablets I always screw up the on-screen touch keyboard. About the only thing it's missing is an optical mouse, but I can deal with a touch screen which I had needed some times because the optical mouse was too finicky for some things too be done easily. It's the perfect step up from my now sadly broken (the headphone jack is all jacked up and it makes no sound at all anymore - I tried to fix it, but the parts were too small and the solder too hard for these human hands) Samsung Saga, which was quite dated and lacked the RAM most websites now require for their modern mobile sites.

Also, which revision? A810a, A810e, ...?

Or if you know a better phone with all those specs on T-Mobile. Seriously, the flash on the camera and the full keyboard in candybar form with microHCSD running on Android are the must-have attributes.
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