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Re: Perplexed: troubleshooting dropped calls at home

could be right, i mean since the late 1990s, early 2000s, where there used to be other cdma providers, now it's just verizon/sprint and their subsidaries, if it isn't sprint it'll be one of their smaller companies (or ones that pay sprint to use their towers) or verizon towers and their companies.

so really the only roam it does are on verizon towers :S, i heard people using verizon radio having good results but can't say anything on this myself. But verizon probably doesn't give sprint phones priority so service would be voice only/2g?

edit scratch that maybe... I just remembered I was traveling through nebraska/kansas last month, I did end up roaming, I have no idea whose towers I was on (I actually didnt even see any buildings for like 75miles in farm country). The speed sucked, I mean it was probably in the bytes/s not even kb/s. The voice did connect for calls though. Point is that I've never experienced this before even using the roaming only setting. I may have been roaming using an analog signal? I don't know if the tp2 supports this but it felt like it was using a really old technology

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