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Re: Perplexed: troubleshooting dropped calls at home

I could call and ask Sprint what partner network they think I should be connecting to, but I guess I wanted to be able to see it for myself. (The completely different tech you're talking about is Sprint and Verizon being CDMA and AT&T being GSM, right? I had forgotten about that.)

Thanks for the suggestion about changing the radio. I'm curious about all things about modifying my TP2s, but I've been having a hard time finding a starting place. I use PHM Regedit for some enabling some hidden settings, but that's it so far. Is changing the radio an advanced task and is it easily reversible? My knowledge level right now is I don't understand unlocking or know how to flash a ROM. I've tried looking for tutorials from time to time but keep getting overwhelmed by unfamiliar terminology. That's probably a question for the WM Legacy Devices area, though.

I feel like Sprint should theoretically be able to come out here with some kind of high-tech dowsing rod and walk around following the beeps until they yell, "there's yer problem!"

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