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Re: My next phone will not be Windows! I am going Android

Originally Posted by orangekid View Post
Dude don't get all victim and apathetic. You're displacing from the conversation and bringing up completely irrelevant points.
You're right. Nothing you can say will make WP7 a good OS any more than nothing I can say will change your mind about WP7 and T-Mobile (I happen to like T-Mobile)

WP7 failed. It's numbers, not opinion. It does not have shit for market share. It does not have the development to contend with android and iOS (and I actually don't like iOS that much),

and so they go and change the kernel base and make everything obsolete ? How is that going to solidify MORE development?

The Linux kernel isn't changing, android versions do, but it's all basically built in the same kernel with different shit on top.
They go from 6.5 to WP7 then from ce to nt, what's next? I want to like windows phone. Its a new toy I want to play with. But it's so closed and limited, it's like iOS with crappy apps support. I've owned a lumia710, an HD2, and a Focus S, and I know wp7 first hand.

It's just not producing no matter how you spin it

Maybe the reason people on this site and staff and former staff (and most of xda too btw) rags on wp7 is because it's just not that good or successful.!

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They aren't moving away from NT for quite sometime. The NT kernel is far more capable than the CE kernel, hence the switch and will be capable for years to come.