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Re: Windows Phone 8 Announced

Actually the company revealed eight key platform features:

Support for “the latest and greatest hardware,” including multi-core chipsets, and removable MicroSD.
Internet Explorer 10, complete with malware blocking, faster JavaScript performance, and double the HTML5 feature support of Windows Phone 7.5.
Native game development based on DirectX for “killer games” and big, beautiful, powerful apps with platform and drivers in common between the Windows 8 desktop and Windows Phone 8.
Better support for native NFC — not just on the phone, but also between phones and laptops, tablets, and other PCs.
“The most complete wallet experience on any smartphone this fall,” including credit and debit cards, loyalty and membership cards, deals and coupons, and NFC tap-to-pay features.
Nokia mapping technology, with NAVTEQ data, offline support, map control for developers, and turn-by-turn directions.
“Windows Phone 8 for Business” ready to go for BYOD use in the enterprise: encryption and secure booting, LOB app deployment, device management, and familiar Microsoft business apps like Office.
An all-new start screen, featuring the Metro-style, customizable tiles with real-time updates from calendars, inboxes, social media, gaming networks, sports data, and images from around the web and within the device. With the new live tiles, you can set the apps, tile size, number of tiles, and more.
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