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This should be the W8/WP8 concept

I'm sure some of you have seen the windows surface tablet concept/reviews along with the WP8 reviews...

This is rather old, and bare with it looking like a brick but I find Microsoft should have aimed for this concept
HTC Shift Newest entry into the Ultra Mobile PC market from 2007...

The HTC Shift has a toggle button to switch between a "desktop" mode and a "phone" mode. W8/WP8 needs a toggle button, physical or virtual, to switch between Metro UI and desktop UI. And I do like the actual keyboard concept more than a flip cover/keyboard that surface currently demos...

I'm hoping HTC does release something like this with modern specs, and a keyboard that is thin like the surface's but slides instead of "flips" so it really will hold like a laptop.

Plus I like the reviewer's voice, and makes me laugh finding this old video. Saw this on sale on ice monkey, too bad it's selling at same price nexus 7 is though :S since I know which one I'd buy between the two lol
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