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Re: Current devices will not be upgradable to WP8.

Originally Posted by orangekid View Post
It's my backup phone. I keep a piece of crap 3GS sitting around for when I am between phones. I sold my Note and I am buying a Galaxy Nexus again today because I missed it, so in between I use my crappy 3GS (which btw is getting an iOS 6 update 3 years after it came out, so it's not worthless 3 6 months after it comes out)

lol at this:

"Microsoft’s senior marketing manager for Windows Phone, Greg Sullivan, says that it's not impossible to port WP8 on older devices, but the cost of doing that would be very high and the benefit very little - WP8 enables multi-core support, higher resolution screens, NFC, microSD card support and so on, none of which will make a difference on the legacy hardware."

from here.

It's just a different of preference. You seem to get really defensive and emotional over anything bad said about WP7/8 and you won't even admit that iOS and Android do have SOME benefits over it.

I will admit the unified ecosystem is pretty cool (even though I personally don't like metro on a PC) and that the overall UI is really smooth and cool, and even that for the hardware, the OS handled very well with lesser hardware than Android for instance.

But where it counts Android is just for me especially over WP7 and WP8 because I am not an idiot and I can actually read and follow directions on how to improve my device. My Galaxy Nexus I'm getting back today on AOKP in my opinion has no equal as far as phones go, I will be putting Jellybean on it so I can't wait.

But my on topic point is that even that quote above shows that MS could have ported WP8 to phones like the Lumia and Focus s, but it would "cost too much" shows how much they really CARE about customers and not money, right?
I realize that all OSes have their pros and cons, they all work to achieve a goal and have different ways of doing so. All companies want to make money so it's understandable at the end of the day. No company cares about money or customers any more or less than the other.
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