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Re: Current devices will not be upgradable to WP8.

Originally Posted by orangekid View Post
Out of the box a lot of Android phones are fine. You are comaring an entire ecosystem with code written by dozens of companies to one OS made by only ONE company, it is totally different.

If each OEM wrote their own WP7/8 code like with Android, they would botch it up a thousand times worse.

Oh and WP8 and W8 will not run the same apps, where did you get that from? They are going to be built completely separately unless they have an x86 version of WP8 or an ARM version of W8 which I haven't heard of.

Android will always have freedom and customizations over the other 2 operating systems. WP8 has slick UI animations and live tiles, but that shit gets old man. When will they actually have enough apps to rival the other 2 big operating systems?

Yeah you do have to do a bit more tweaking and we all know that All the different OS versions and stuff was a problem with Android, but 2.3 on Android is still better than WP7.5. And there's not room to talk when they are ditching an entire line of phones as obsolete.

Well, they did not ditch an ENTIRE line of phones, or release phones barely months before announcing they will not be updated no matter what. It's not the same thing.

Apps made for "ICS" 99% of the time work for GB or even Froyo, but WP8 apps will not work on WP7 phones. It's not even close to the same thing. You're looking at an open-source eco-system where each OEM has to write their own code and updates and saying "look, they have some problems with updates" and then we see one OS made by One company for all phones and they do the same thing on purpose!
Both WP8 and W8 are using the NT kernel so apps written for either will work for either as long as the proper tweaks are made, WP7/8 will also run the same apps unless native code is used or if they require WP8 hardware. That's not due to happen for about 2 years from now. These are talked about on WPCentral all the time once you filter out all the whiners there.
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