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Re: CDMA not working in india


Finally I got my phone working with reliance CDMA. I tried all I could on my phone.. finally spoke to the 3rd party who registered the MEID. he confidently said issue is from reliance end not my phone and asked me to contact another reliance web world. finally I wrote to customer care over email, they asked for details like the MEID/RSN number, the Sr. No on the MDN/reliance GSK. I tried today and got the message to enter the 9 digit pin and then in next few seconds, i got the message your phone is activated... I guess the issue was that when I went to buy the GSK, the webworld staff did not ask for MEID number on my phone. and hence the phone number was not mapped to MEID on their system, which I strongly believe was then done by the remote customer care team. This is something the 3rd party MEID registrant also told me, stating my number has not been retained against my MEID.

well finally I am happy to use CDMA.. next challenge is to get the +91 prefix working and sending SMS... I have already changed the regional settings to United Kingdom. this was long tested, so did not drill my brain so far and just changed the settings to united kingdom. and having outbound calls prefixed with 009198xxxxxxxx.. sms does not go.. so have to remove the +91 and prefix 0... will work on this issue and let all know how to fix this.

I thank you headhair/ hero121/pizzaboy for all info shared in this forum to help get CDMA activated on LG fathom...
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