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Re: Valid replacement charging cable for Fathom

Originally Posted by feliciano View Post

I bought a 2 wire charging cable, and sometimes although the power applet say it is charging, it isnīt, and the red LED doesnīt lit.
I tried different charging cables (regular charging and data cables, original from Motorola and other brands and no-brands and this charging only cable) with mixed results. I notice when I do power cycle the phone the things tends to be normal for a while, but after some Wazings and days of use, the problem arise again, and sometimes, power cycling doesnīt help until I use the supplied charger. So I guess the phone somehow knows where is plugged in.

Today I found this article, which makes me think my guess is correct, and I want to share this with you, guys:
How to make your own iPad 2 USB Charger (DIY iPad 2 USB Charger)
I haven't had any problems with car chargers that are just generic car to USB chargers, and just ignore the "This charger is not designed for your phone" warnings. The phone still charges and does so relatively well. I made sure to get a 2Amp charger with 2 ports, if 1 device is plugged in, it can get all 2 amps (I also store my phone in front of the air vents so that it can cool while charging) and if both ports are used, each gets 1 amp

The charger cost me about $9 shipped and it hasn't died yet (I think it's a "Dolcia" brand)

You need to check current ratings on your charger to make sure it's putting out at least 1 amp of charge power. Anything less and the phone won't really charge.
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