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Re: Valid replacement charging cable for Fathom


I bought a 2 wire charging cable, and sometimes although the power applet say it is charging, it isnīt, and the red LED doesnīt lit.
I tried different charging cables (regular charging and data cables, original from Motorola and other brands and no-brands and this charging only cable) with mixed results. I notice when I do power cycle the phone the things tends to be normal for a while, but after some Wazings and days of use, the problem arise again, and sometimes, power cycling doesnīt help until I use the supplied charger. So I guess the phone somehow knows where is plugged in.

Today I found this article, which makes me think my guess is correct, and I want to share this with you, guys:
How to make your own iPad 2 USB Charger (DIY iPad 2 USB Charger)
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