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Re: CDMA not working in india

Hi Headhair,

I downgraded the rom to v5. downloaded from media fire.

After the downgrade, I updated the AKey, replaced the lgedialparser.dll,updated the PRL. now I am able to connect to reliance, i get the welcome message and after I press 1 to select the language it says "sorry your phone could not be activated. please contact reliance customer care." I took the phone to reliance web world from where I bought the GSK. The customer care told me that I need to get the RSN unlocked from LG which I am sure LG in India cannot/will not do for me. One RSN is released is when reliance can put the number for me post activation. I have checked my MEID registration and I see the expected positive result from reliance. (just to make sure my MEID was registered.)

I am back home and checked again for eri.bin. the file does not exist in ERI folder when i check through EFS explorer. But I do see the file in \Windows folder and every time I delete it comes immediately without even waiting for any reboot.

Any clue what is to be done ? Appreciate your help.
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