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Re: [SIM-UNLOCKER] - -RhodiumW/Sprint/Verizon/Telus Touch Pro 2 CID/Security/SIM Unlo

Thanks Tinkerbell, sorry i took so long, i had to wait for the email for the Sim Unlock program. Finally got to try it last night.
Heres the thing:
When I got the unlocker there were 3 steps. 1: Hard-spl, 2: Unlock Radio, and 3: Unlock Sim. I hard already done Hard-spl so I skipped that and went to step 2, and then 3. Now, seems like everything is good, I can get calls and text. But I dont much about the data. Regular wifi works, usb tethering automatically works also, yet I cant figure out how to use the web using the data plan I have. Another thing is, since the software already included a radio unlocker/patch, I didnt get the chance to use the Patch you had given me. The radio went from 2.32.00WV to 2.05.00WV after using the one they provided. The question is, do I still need to run the one you had given in order to change it to WU??? Is that in anyway related to the data problem or is it something else??
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