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Possibly switching to AT&T - Quesitons

I'm currently with Verizon with the Trophy. I do love the phone, however, watching all the AT&T phones go by is really irritating. So, I priced out a plan with AT&T and it's about the same price as what I'm paying now, but I can get unlimited mobile to mobile on any carrier.

My wife also has a Trophy and loves it, but really wants the Lumia 900. So she would probably get that and I would get the Titan II.

I have a couple of questions though. Can you tether with either of these phones? I know they were going to add that with Mango, but I just want to make sure and see if anyone is actually doing it. If I have to pay, I have to pay, I just want to know if it's available.

And my second question is how is their service? I haven't heard too many good things about their customer service, but I really haven't heard anything on their cell phone service.

If anyone can answer my questions, that would be great. Thanks!
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