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Re: [XDAndroid] Gingerbread for Whitestone/Imagio Release 1 09/05/2012

Originally Posted by Moonred View Post
have all files, even downloaded again WD1, thought the problem may be in the archive. will be free time, I'll try to come up with something. It is unlikely that HTC released two different configurations Imagio, the problem is likely in something else.
Sorry for my E

What's your first language?

Download HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool and do a SLOW format of your SD card. Make it a FAT filesystem and don't touch the other settings. It will take a while.

Then try out the ROM again.

It's kind of weird because if you're doing all the steps it should be working... unless your ROM is doing something weird. Reflashing to another ROM MIGHT help (it helped one of the first testers who couldn't get it running on EnergyROM). But remember that there *are* risks when flashing ROMs and you should be mindful of them.
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