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Re: |ROM||KITCHEN|~[LEAD ROM]~|6.5||10-2-11|[Sprint] [Multi-Carrier]

Originally Posted by leadpoizon View Post
I created a Sense 2.5 ROM after fixing all the things Sprint had borked in their release. It's fast and stable from what my tests show. I thought I'd share

Some of the features:
-HTC original look and feel
-"Fixed" Tethering (Stealth.)
-Faster Manila (CFC Compressed - Thanks to Chainfire, customized by me.)
-Carrier junk taken out
-Fixed FB album
-Wi-fi Router
-Many additional things you'd have to check out yourself



Free Cloud Storage - MediaFire
(Download all 4 parts and extract them to a place of your choosing)
PASSWORD: leadpoizon

1. Click on osKitchen.exe to open kitchen 2. Click "Open Project" at the top 3. Go to the folder that says "HTC Rhodium" 4. Select name of the type of ROM you wish to make 4. Wait for ROM packages to populate 5. Go to "EXT Packages" tab to customize packages 6. When done click "Start building" at the top to start building the ROM 7. After the process is done, you will be asked if you want to open the ROM folder, click "yes" to that 8. Click RhodiumWAdvancedRUU.exe and follow the prompts to flash your ROM as usual

Makes your phone work like it should.


(Updated 11/10/10)


10.2.11 (Multi-Carrier version)
Support for Sprint, Telus, US Cellular, and Verizon

LEAD ROM MULTI 10.2.11.exe
PASSWORD: leadpoizon


LITE version
This version has many of the extra apps taken out to give more space and leave a cleaner slate

(Applications that come HTC stock are left in)

PASSWORD: leadpoizon


10.2.11 (Sprint version)
Works with Sprint out of the box, without provisioning cabs

LEAD ROM SPRINT 10.2.11.exe
PASSWORD: leadpoizon


LITE version
This version has many of the extra apps taken out to give more space and leave a cleaner slate
(Applications that come HTC stock are left in)

PASSWORD: leadpoizon


Change Log
(Not everything is listed, only what I remember)
 |[=] Minor change  [~] System-wide change  [^] Upgrade | 
| [+] Addition  [-] Subtraction [!] Repair/Improvement |

Changes in 10.2.11 (Multi-carrier version) (Sprint version): [^] HTC Sense upgraded and optimized [^] Home tab updated with RSS feeds and more shortcuts [!] Got rid of more stock graphical glitches [+] People tab: Added SMS counter in landscape mode [+] People tab: Added improved date and time stamps in SMS tab [!] Changed pagepool back to stock (15 MB) [!] Fixed time stamps for received SMS [!] Fixed sound going away when device reset with headphones in [=] Improvements to taskbar icons [?] Charging issues possibly gone. (Untested) Changes in 03.20.11 (Multi-carrier version) (Sprint version): [~] Optimized graphics driver, improving system performance [^] HTC Sense upgraded and optimized [!] Twitter security patch added [!] Did HTC's job by getting rid of a bunch of graphical glitches [+] Added SMS counter in Portrait mode. [^] Opera 9.7 upgraded and optimized [!] Improved zooming and panning [-] Disabled visual back [+] Enabled single item history deletion [^] Many HTC apps and utilities updated [+] Additional icons for commonly used apps added [!] Improved battery performance [!] Improved GPS satellite assignment [+] Added better headphone, bluetooth, and voicemail icons [?] More that I don't remember... Changes in 12.13.10 (Multi-carrier version) (Sprint version): [~] Restructured Device XIP for stability [~] Now using Xperia drivers for improvement in graphical performance [!] Repaired file system issues (Shouldn't delete settings anymore.) [!] Fixed Opera memory settings [!] Made Arcsoft server settings editable. Now you have the option to send 500k, 1000k, and 5000k MMS. (Sprint versions only) [^] Updated EZ Input [~] Slightly better battery life [~] Slight HTC Sense performance improvement and graphical fixes Changes in 10.24.10 (Multi-carrier version) (Sprint version): [˄] Windows Phone 6.5 build 21916 [^] HTC Sense 2.5.2019XXXX.LEAD [˄] Comm Manager updated [˄] EZInput updated [˄] Wi-Fi Router updated [~] Complete System component overhaul [+] Nue Font Preview (View and install fonts easily!) (Not present in LITE version) [!] USB Tethering fixed (Still stealth) [~] Core Drivers updated [~] Using HTC video driver (My benchmarks show no improvements with other drivers) [~] Additional system and OEM files updated [-] Arcsoft MMS (Only Muli-Carrier version) [+] Added more Start menu icons for commonly used apps [=] Changed the look of taskbar to HTC stock, instead of Microsoft stock Changes from 10.23.10 to 10.24.10 (Sprint version): [!] Global Smart dialing phone menu option fixed [˄] Wi-fi wizard updated [~] Registry cleaned up a little more [=] Minor taskbar changes Changes in 8.10.10 (Multi-carrier version) (Sprint version): [˄] Windows Phone 6.5 build 21903 [˄] Windows Live updated [˄] EZInput updated [˄] Voice Command updated [˄] Java client updated [˄] Comm Manager updated [˄] Teeter updated [˄] Office 2010 updated [~] HTC Sense 2016 completely revamped and updated [~] Additional system and OEM files updated [-] Bing [-] Google Maps Changes in 7.1.10 (Multi-carrier version) (Sprint version): [~] Updated Native Kernel (4.x.x.) [=] Slightly more RAM available now [˄] Updated Dialer to larger button Verizon dialer [˄] Updated Resource Proxy (2015) [˄] Updated Manila (2016) [˄] Updated Audio Manager (2.0) [˄] Updated more minor OEMS [=] Fixed HTC Theme menus [LITE] [-] Google Maps Changes in 6.19.10 (Multi-carrier version) [Bug-fix release]: [!] Repaired lockscreen issue [!] Repaired start menu not loading issue [˄] Updated Verizon carrier cab Changes in 6.17.10 (Multi-carrier version): [~] Optimized ROM a bit more (Faster boot, and better RAM management) [˄] Updated Sense 2.5 Core to 2013 (Much better performance, but slightly more ram usage.) [˄] Updated Audio manager (MUCH faster) [˄] Updated Opera 9.7 [˄] Updated many OEM files [!] Fixed Office 2010 bug [!] Fixed dialogue box not appearing fully for some applications Changes in 6.09.10 (Sprint version): [~] Rebuilt ROM from ground up using Sprint base, with newer packages, and better optimization [~] Now, system boots to 247 MB ROM, and 101 MB RAM. [˄] Sense Email tab updated [˄] Opera 9.7 updated [˄] Updated Java Client [˄] Windows Live Messenger Updated [˄] Bing Updated [˄] Some OEM updates [!] Fixed volume not working if headphones plugged in on boot [!] Using newer AllLEDMgr.dll, 'cause the older one breaks "pocket mode" and doesn't disable vibration for "be polite." (Due to this, Email LED can't be disabled unfortunately.) [-] Took out OZ Instant Messaging client [-] Took out Auto-locking, since people use all different types of locking apps [=] Some start menu icons changed [=] Some taskbar icons changed [LITE] [~] 264 MB ROM on boot [LITE] [-] Bing [LITE] [-] Jetcet Presenter [LITE] [-] Jetcet Print [LITE] [-] Business Card Reader [LITE] [-] SPB Screenshot [LITE] [-] Pocket RAR Changes in 5.02.10 (Sprint version): [~] Revamped the drivers and cleaned out some. LOTS of OEM stuff upgraded. Changes in 4.25.10: [~] Upgraded to 21899 build of 6.5 and optimized it like crazy [~] MUCH better memory management [˄] Some system files updated [!] Now support for Verizon, Telus, US Cellular, and Sprint (Multi-Carrier!) [˄] Updated Google Maps to latest release [!] Better manila performance due to memory management [˄] Upgraded OZ Instant Messaging client [=] Not using Leo overlay for volume control anymore, since it wasn't working well in landscape Changes in 4.17.10: [~] Now 224MB ROM is available on boot, after adding more stuff in. [!] Smoother and even faster Manila. [˅] SYS downgraded to Sprint release 21889 for stability. [!] Fixed IE boot glitching. [-] Flash support in Opera taken out. (It was causing problems and making the browser freeze) [˄] Upgraded Volume Control. (changed volume icon too) [˄] Upgraded EZ Input. [˄] Upgraded Music tab to Sprint tab, for stability. [+] Added functionality for Sprint navigation and TV tabs. (Cabs for each app enables each tab.) [=] Some start menu icons changed. Changes in 4.5.10: [~] Optimized Build even more. (Now boots to ~101 MB RAM and ~214 MB ROM) [+] Added some flash support to Opera. (Can be disabled by disabling plug-ins in Settings.) [˄] Updated to latest My Phone version 1.06.xx. [=] Changed some Start menu icons. [=] Organized Start menu a little more. [-] "Phone as modem" connection removed. (It was the same as "Sprint" connection.)

Hit THANKS if you appreciate me sharing this ROM. : D
It's a good way to motivate me.

DONATE if you appreciate.
It's the best way to motivate me.

Thanks to all the Chefs on this forum who got me started with custom ROMS.
Thanks for the 'Kitchen'. Do have a question. It's been a few years and models since I last downloaded a kitchen. My wife dropped her HTC Evo and broke the case and glass (trash now) so I bought her a new Samsung Nexus. She wants her old icons back. The one she really wants is the email icon that lets her see how many exchange emails that are un-read. The other problem is for her other pop3 accounts only allow 5 minute update or longer. She wants always on. any chance thats is this kitchen? I hope it works for this phone. The other thing is - I don't know how to download the kitchen with this phone. Can you help? thanks.
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