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Re: |ROM||KITCHEN|~[LEAD ROM]~|6.5||10-2-11|[Sprint] [Multi-Carrier]

Originally Posted by mtako View Post
Thanks for that Lead. Certainly well organized to be easy to understand.

Out of curiosity, if I were to try and add a 6.1 SYS to the kitchen, I would have to find corresponding 6.5/6.5.x folders only and everything else is compatible across sys builds? Or is 6.1 an entirely different kettle of fish? Just trying to understand.

insomia, I don't know if I can really answer your question. I'm a mobile shell user mostly, so won't be much help with things UI related. Sorry.

Hi Mtako,

hows ur rom cooking...sorry, i over looked your a mobile user too, with spb droid by doc. and i really prefer to use a lite rom. and thanks to this LEADPOIZON's kitchen i was able to create a customized rom to my liking.

@piscator1977... LEADS ROMS are really worry to try and can get all the basic functionality of the stocks rom plus the necessary tweaks to maximize tp2 performance.

thanks again lead...
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