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Re: [SMS INCREASE] REMOVE the 160+ SMS Limit on WP7 for HTC Arrive GOLD_C

Originally Posted by dtrush View Post
I installed the Ansar 8773 18L rom last night. I put my regedits in and I'm back to normal.

The keyboard slide for music does work when the sound is going out the Arrive's speaker. BUT.... when I have some headphones plugged in and slide the keyboard in or out the music stops. Unfortunately I am listening to music through the headphones quite a bit and go to answer an incoming text, slide the keyboard, and the music stops

I couldn't find any post stating specifics on this and to possibily try to find out a possible regedit, xap or whatever. It doesn't seem to me clear back on the Mango beta that this was ever an issue. Maybe I'm smoking something

Are you having any issues with that ansar rom ? any bugs or anyhting yet ?
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