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[XDAndroid] Gingerbread for Whitestone/Imagio Release 1 09/05/2012

Well, after about two months of work we're ready to release the first public pack of android for whitestone. I know you guys have waited a long time for this and it's probably too late for most by now, but here we are! And we have Gingerbread with a bleeding edge 3.3 kernel

How to use this:
  • You need an SD card. I recommend a clean one (Use HP USB storage format tool to wipe it good)
  • Place the entire contents of the pack into the root of the SD card. (That means the top directory)
  • Run "HARET.EXE" from windows mobile. You'll see flying text. Give it some time, first boot takes a while.
  • Enjoy!
This is a work in progress and as such you'll find that somethings are working and some are not.

What works:
  • Radio: Calls (Tested on CDMA only. Tell us if you have GSM)
  • Data.
  • SMS.
  • Androidy goodness in general.

What doesn't work (yet):
  • WiFi.
  • G-Sensor.
  • GPS.
  • Camera.
  • Media, windows and back keys.

That last item is interesting. Since not all the keys are working we've mapped them like this to make the phone usable:
  • VolUP = Menu key
  • VolDOWN = Back key
  • Power = power key.
  • Send = end key.

Known issues:

  • Data is not working?

    You need to edit (from android) the file at "/init.cfg/init.gingerbread.rc". Find the line that says:

    service pppd_gprs /system/bin/pppd /dev/smd1 defaultroute local usepeerdns \
    and change it for this one:

    service pppd_gprs /system/bin/pppd /dev/smd7 defaultroute local usepeerdns \
  • Phone doesn't wake up sometimes?

    This is an unresolved issue. The first thing you need to do is deactivate "auto backlight" in both window mobile and android. It will work much better that way but you will still have trouble sometimes. If its not waking up then just suspend it again and wake it up once more until it does. Sometimes it gets stupid, be patient.

    This will be annoying when you have incoming calls and you can't see the screen. Just blindly swipe the answer slider and it'll work. The phone is awake, just not showing anything on screen. Touchscreen and everything works though.

That's about it for now. Let me know how it goes.Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone on xdandroid and htc-linux for their undying and monumental support of our misguided efforts

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