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Re: |ROM||KITCHEN|~[LEAD ROM]~|6.5||10-2-11|[Sprint] [Multi-Carrier]

Originally Posted by leadpoizon View Post
Hey folks, I'm afraid I didn't actually save a project file for the LITE version of the senseless ROM. The process to make it very simple though. The categories I made are as follows:

# Common - Required for all ROMs
# Sense Experience - Only for Sense ROMs
# Non-Sense Experience - Only for Sense-less ROMs
# Third Party Apps - Everything in here is not required for any ROM to function. (Hint: for Lite ROMS.)
# 6.5 - Only stuff for 6.5 ROMs, but use Contact Card from this for 6.5.x
# 6.5.x - Only stuff for 6.5.x, Album is without online albums and upload capability, so you can use the 6.5 one instead if you wish.
# Manila 2.5 - For Sense ROM only
# Manila Tweaks - For Sense ROM only.
# Tweaks - For all ROMs.

If you import any 6.5.x SYS files, make sure to delete smartdialuiext.dll from the SYS to the Kitchen doesn't crash (HTC Phone Canvas has its' own version.)

Hope that stuff helps.

Wow, thanks master for the tip...glad that youre still visiting this thread. i managed to create a clean rom (no bronze) but still need to tweaks.

thanks again for the roms anfd kitchen...
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