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HTC Arrive Cannot send video via Text/MMS

I have searched and read about not being able to send videos to people via text. I have read these post but none from 2012 and current. Maybe there was something that i am not seeing . I know people say send it via email but believe it or not my grandma is 78 and yes has a cell phone and used to be able to send her short videos through MMS now its not even an option . Also, When i get a video through Email I have no way of saving it . I can tap the attachment and see that it downloads and i can view it . But unlike my pdf and word docs it doesn't auto save it anywhere . Is there a way to save these videos on the phone or must they stay on email until i get to a PC and save them there. I like the phone but small things make me want to return this right now got 30 days ha. Thank you for your help.
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