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is it possible to have a 2.3.4 with older version of bluetooth

Long story short I have an 04 bmw with an early adaptation to bt syncing your phone to the car. although i can talk and hear people when connect via bt my contacts are not being transfered over to my cars address book.

After a bit of research I read that some older cars the aren't compatible with newer forms of bt like in the htc evo 3d. I also read a lot of people who previously owned an htc evo on 2.33 the contacts synced over to the car no problem but after upgrading to the 3d there contacts no longer synced over. There is an update from bmw availible for my car but it cost like 300 buck to do and its not guaranteed to fix the issues.

Lastly Ive read people have had huge success with the same car/phone combo when they switched over to the cynogen 7.1 rom. so apparently there is something going on with cyanogenmod 7.1 with bt settings that is not included in the stock 2.3.4 firmware. Ive done the flashing in the past with my evo and at first its great but the phone ultimately becomes really sluggish and buggy... Ive rooted my 3d but i don't really want to flash the firmware especially since i hear there is no wimax or stereo bt availible for that rom.

so my question is, is it possible to keep my stock fw or flash to a cf with everything still remaining stock but only has different bluetooth profiles possibly older ones or the ones that cyanogenmod uses so that my contacts can sync over to my car and I can still enjoy my phone working properly and not buggy. with fully functional stereo bt and wimax?

I don't know what part of a rom controls bluetooth whether it be kernel, baseband pri/prl or software but i did remember reading that htc evo uses bt 3.0. here are my versions

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