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Re: Battery solution?

Originally Posted by jimmiekain View Post
@princem131 could you give us an example of how long it would take to charge your Evo3D if it died?

Also, I noticed that yours is a 5000mah model and the one i'm looking at is 1100mah do you know if that has anything to do with how quickly it charges or just how long it can charge until the actual unit runs out?
5000mah vs 1100mah refers mainly to the total storage capacity. Which indirectly will effect charge times. I'm assuming they'd both charge/discharge at comparable rates, so the bigger battery would take longer charging and discharging. For example the Evo 3D has a 1730mah and my extended battery for my Evo 3D is 3300mah. Personally, I wanted one with significantly more battery capacity than my standard battery, and preferably more even than the extended. 5000 mah gives me enough to charge my battery several times completely or charge multiple devices at a time. I often will use it for my phone, my girlfriends and my tablet when traveling.

I'm not sure how long it would take from dead to charge my phone fully, but probably a long time. I usually use it to charge a partially charged battery or most commonly to maintain a charge. I have completely charged it with the battery but usually over night (really came in handy when staying with a friend and not wanting to roam their house late at night in the dark for a convenient outlet). I'd say it charges at a rate somewhere between the wall charger and using usb on a computer. Probably closer to the usb speed. there are two ports, one says "500Ma" and the other "1A for iPod", the "1A" one seems to charge faster.

The battery itself takes a while to charge (sorry no numerical estimate), but it has never been a problem because I just charge it in advance and I'm good to go. When it gets low I charge it over night or whenever its convenient so I dont think I've ever had a time when I needed it and it was dead.

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