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Re: My next phone will not be Windows! I am going Android

Originally Posted by esqueue View Post
I'm stuck with sprint due to my awesome plan and their service is actually works fell on my device. I do have an arrive but really miss the things that the arrive lack. I love it's reliability but hate that it is virtually dead. Since there is virtually zero support for this phone I will have to go with android with my next phone. I hate the evo though so it will have to be something else.
What support do you need? Just curious.
I just got my Arrive. I was with TP2 all the time, and was amazed with the capability of the WP7, love it.
We have iPhone 4s in the house too.
I have a A500 tab. So I can say I have experience with almost all mobile systems(of course not, no BB ever, never. No webOS neither) And the simplicity of WP7 is way better than what I had with the HC A500. Of course I didn't use a real Android phone, and tab is not a phone, but I used the Anroid port on TP2, which is so painful that I'd rather use the WM6.5. It did open the door for me, but just not working.
I like the fact that the msgs are displayed on lock screen, so I already know what's coming and don't necessary to go check if I don't want to. I first thought the yahoo mail is left along, but found that the embedded email can handle ymail alright. Better than the crappy ymail app on android. That one was quite annoying.
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