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Re: Bluetooth Problem

Originally Posted by madcowmilau View Post
Recently I noticed that when i toggle my bluetooth on, it turns off after 1 or 2 seconds. it will not stay on at all. Has anyone else had this problem. I rarely use it, but wanted to today and I couldnt. Its really annoying. I would rather not hard reset, but if i must then i guess i have no choice. has anyone experienced this issue and if so PLEASE HELP ME? I searched the forums here and on XDA and google and came up with nothing. PLEASE HELP ME?
Mad, I had a similar issue with the stock rom with my GPS. If I used the widget icon the gps would start to either go on or off depending on what state it was in at the time, and then the phone would do what some refer to as a random reboot and when it came back up the gps would still be in the original state it was in. I found that going into the full settings menu and using that to turn the gps on and off did not cause the issue.
Have you tried accessing and controlling bluetooth in the menus rather than using the widget?
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