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Windows Phone 8 (Apollo)

I would like to start the discussion officially on Windows Phone 8.. Codename Apollo

There is a few articles out on this, Here are a few of my favorites

Article indicating could released by June. Dated Dec 20th
Windows Phone 8 Coming In June?

This article talks about Windows 8 saving windows Phone 7. I do not want this to be a Windows Phone 7 bashing or discussion forum, but there are some things that Windows Phone 7 does not do that Windows Mobile did and Windows Phone 8 will. At least according to some sources. It looks like Windows 8 Will be a game changer, as Microsoft might really come out with something that changes the way we interact with computers. As phones become far more powerful than computers of a few years back, combination of desktop os to phone os becomes more transparent. This article is from Sep of last year, but Windows Phone 8 is to share much with Windows 8. Windows 7 is a solid operating system.

Will Windows 8 be Windows Phone 7's savior? - Computerworld Blogs

as this article too:

Windows Phone Apollo: What We Know So Far | PCWorld

Here is a link to a concept phone, Sony Ericsson Xperia Leon Smartphone Running Windows Phone 8 [Concept]- 2Ghz Dual Core, 12 MP Camera, 1080p Video

What I have heard and what makes me excited is the concept that many features removed in WP7 are back in WP8.

An activesync replacement to allow desktop synchronization. Mobile SD storage card support. Near field support.

A more recent article with some of the changes:
Exclusive: Windows Phone 8 Detailed

The discussion items below the article above are pretty good.

And something from an insider at microsoft:

Which I quote a whole section below

"Key new features of Windows Phone 8 include:

Data Smart. A way to actively save cellular data when possible and avoid "bill shock". Microsoft (not coincidentally) just blogged about this feature in relation to Windows 8. Re-read that post and think about how a smart phone would need/use exactly the same functionality. Data Smart can be extended by wireless carriers to integrate with their offered data plans.

App-to-App communication. Because Windows Phone 8 apps, like Windows 8 apps, are sandboxed from each other, this new system will provide a Windows 8 contracts-like app-to-app communications capabilities.

Internet Explorer 10 Mobile. Windows Phone 8 will continue to use a highly tuned version of IE which utilizes the latest web technologies.

Shared components with Windows 8. The kernel, multi-core processor support, sensor fusion, security model, network, and video and graphics technologies are all coming to Phone from Windows 8.

Companion experiences with Windows 8. Microsoft is offering a very similar user experience across phone (Windows Phone , PC (Windows , and TV (Xbox vNext). Pocketnow says there will be a new sync client, and not Zune PC software, though I can't confirm that part, and a set of common cloud services that will work across all three. This includes the ability to sync content (photos, music, movies) between the three screens, phone management from PC or web, shared content between each device, and Xbox LIVE games, entertainment, and more.

SkyDrive integration. Microsoft will make your content available on all of its platforms via SkyDrive.

Skype app. Still a separate but better app and not integrated into OS. Still optional.

NFC and Wallet. Windows Phone 8 will allow users to securely pay and share via NFC and manage an integrated Wallet experience.

Local Scout. Now with personal recommendations.

Camera improvements. New "lens apps" and a far more powerful camera experience.

Business features. Windows Phone 8 will include full-device, hardware-accelerated encryption with BitLocker and always-on Secure Boot capabilities, just like Windows 8. Also, it will support additional Exchange ActiveSync policies and System Center configuration settings and inventory capabilities. Businesses will be able to distribute phone apps privately as they can with Windows 8 apps.

Obviously, there are still plenty of questions and of course information I'll continue to protect. But suffice to say that Microsoft's plans for Windows Phone are quite exciting indeed."

Clearly Windows Phone 8 looks pretty good, But what do you think?
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