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Re: Where are all the Window 7.5 phone users

I'd agree that if a user needs a specific function they should jump on the platform that works for their needs. It's a trade-off balance between performance & function that has to be weighed in.

I personally need:

Rock solid performance (no force closes, no need to manage the @^#& OS's memory manually)
No degradation of performance (not slowing down from data overload)
Close to perfect Exchange translation calendar & contacts (no additional apps needed)
Music player that works right with phone calls, incoming text's etc.

My wife's EVO 4G has problem after problem software wise that is a huge cause for concern. A friend of mine has a Galaxy S II and seems to run O.K.
But for me, the whole app in, app out search for data it pretty old and outdated. The integrated features and slickness of the way a phone should work is found in Windows Phone 7. I need speed for the EVERYDAY tasks, not the one-off occasional uses for a phone. To some people like me their phone is a tool meant to be used to communicate quickly and efficiently. Seen the Smoked by Windows Phone challenges?

Yes, I don't spend much time on these forums because I'm not always needing to find solutions to fix my WP7 problems. If I had to use an Android phone for work I'd be posting up a storm over in that forum(s). I'm not currently doing anything on the other WP7 forums but I do listen to the WPCentral podcast. I suspect there haven't been any new PPCgeeks podcasts because there's no time left for those who used to do it. They must be wasting it wallowing in extensive research and support for their personal Android devices.
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