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Re: CDMA not working in india

Originally Posted by headhair View Post
Yes I hard resetted the device after activating Reliance.
Everything replaced. MDN, MIN, MCCID, MNCID values became default. Even Akey is also lost.

I think these default values are stored in somewhere, may be in a dll file. We have to find out which file or data these values are stored in ROM. If we could find this, we can change values to suite our mobile & create a separate ROM, so that if we hard reset, it is possible to restore correct values itself.

I Hope there may be some solution.
Which form of Hard Reset are you using?
If you're doing the one in the phone (Settings > System > Memory > Hard Reset\Factory Reset) then it will wipe your activation too.
If you're doing a hard reset where you reset the phone while holding the C button on the keyboard (Possibly the FN key too, haven't really had a need to hard reset in a long time) it will save your activation information.
If doing the hardware reset via the keyboard ends up clearing your activation, then there is probably a setting somewhere with default values. Find that file\registry key and you can bake your own custom ROM with your own values easily.
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