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Re: CDMA not working in india

Sorry for the late reply. I had to shift my house to new location.

I have an another CDMA working set with Sim card Slot, and if I dial *228 in that set it also say the same thing please inter your 9 digit pin number.
I thought dialing *228 will restore settings, once it is activated.

1. I have backup my .nvs file from LGNPST, If I again re flash the rom what will I have to do again to come back to reliance CDMA working condition.?
Yes. I have flased ROM many times. Once you restore NV you can use Reliance as usual.

Dear one question, I know how to restore NVS from LGNPST software
To Restore NVs using LGNPST go to
LGNPST Menu->Data->Data Recovery. From there you chose your backed-up NV file.

Is is compulsory to backup NVS by QPST also
No. Only for the safety. That's all.
I feel it is easier to work with QPST than LGNPST for Service Programming. Open QPST Service Programming, backup NV.

please tell me details in how to backup nv through QPST.
Yes QPST 2.7 is enough. Start QPST Configuration. From there select port & select Mobile.
From Start Clients menu, select Service Programming.

Read details from Phone(Read From Phone button) & Save it to file(Save to File Button).

To restore, select Load from file (Load From File Button)-> write to Phone(Write to phone button).

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