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Re: how to access 3g or H+ on an unlocked T-Mobile TP2

Originally Posted by mastergadgets View Post
EDGE is as fast as you will get on T-Mobile with TP2.
Well, I know with my mocha TP2 phones I was able to get on the average a little under 1 mbps up and down. This was true for at least three phones including the last one. Now that's an "up to" speed but I have never had a situation before where all I could get was EDGE speeds of under 200 kbps, not for more than brief periods of time explainable by local service or tower issues. I'll have a mocha T-Molbile phone to add to my service in about two weeks but I'd like to know what fixes there are for this, if any. My posts above in this thread may give some ideas to start with. Thanks!
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