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Re: CDMA not working in india

Originally Posted by headhair View Post
If you buy gsk, they will give your the phone number (it is called paper sim) along with 9 digit pin number for activating that phone number.

You can yourself change reliance number from one set from another using HCC (handset change card). That's also a 9 digit pin number.

Nowadays, both are not available with Reliance. So we have to go to Reliance Store to change the number. In case you need not input 9 digit pin number. They will automatically transfer number from RUIM Sim to your handset.
So, please wait.
Dear headhair

Thanks and very very thanks to you,
To day I went reliance center and they put my new number and after short while I dialed *228 after some music my phone got activated with reliance CDMA, Now I have checked outgoing/incoming SMS and Call all are working
I am very also very happy with this. This is all for your effort and guide without your guide It was not possible.
Now I have to know how to protect it so in future if any problem arises and if any hard reset or rom flashing is needed . We would not have to reliance centre.
Thanks again.
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