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Re: CDMA not working in india

Originally Posted by headhair View Post
Dear hero121,

Please donot hardreset (or) flash New ROM until your phone is activated with reliance. This is my humble request.
If you have hard reset, please
1) Delete Eri.bin file from your phone using QPST
2) Input your akey again.
3) Till activation donot test anything. Once activated, please backup your NV.
4) For safety, Note down MEID, AKey and MIN in a separate paper.

I am also eagerly waiting for your Reliance Activation
Thanks for your suggestions:
So many testings I have done So,
Again I have uploaded its Previous Rom. with your 1X prl send by you.
Without any further editing/testing.
1. Again I have put 26 digit pin.
2. Deleted eri.bin file from eri folder with QPST
After dialing in cdma or GSM mode it is saying please put you 9 digit pin number from you reliance guide.
Now I will not do any thing till he put my number in the set to morrow.
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