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Originally Posted by cornelious2 View Post
Cell Phone Fraud |

it is in fact illegal, your using it to steal service by cloning hence illegal. Even if the intent is to stop service from being stolen from another paying individual.
You should pay more attention and stop stealing service, I'm not committing fraud or stealing service or anything to do with that really . Do you have something to actually contribute to this thread?

Originally Posted by Karl View Post
Please remember no posting of cloning how to's
PPCGEEKS does not support or condone any discussions of cloning
Please remember that this activity is prohibited on PPCGeeks:

Originally Posted by eric12341 View Post
I wouldn't say that howardforums is less irrationally strict. They banned me for voicing my concerns about the sprint network and my ability to read between the lines.

Not as good as mine though, 'cuz my account got banned just because they didn't like me. When I actually had to get some posting done recently, I just registered under a slightly different name and continued posting in another section. I don't take their site that seriously because of the moronic staff.

Originally Posted by eric12341 View Post

I know I have far less trouble typing on my HD7 than I did on my TP2 which was already pretty easy with the HTC EZInput, imagine that on a 4" screen.
I already can and 1UP that: Swype on a 4" screen. Or just use the keyboard because stupid swype takes up the whole screen and I can't even see what I'm doing.

Originally Posted by eric12341 View Post
not under $30 but certainly under $40 and that's boost cuz they can get as low as $35 due to shrinkage but then you're stuck with no roaming and the at times painfully slow sprint network but you get what you pay for.
No Boost. I left Boost months ago because of the ripoffs they try to call plans. "Shrinkage" doesn't fully take effect for years. VirginMobile does $35 right off the bat, so if I really wanted a cheap plan without roaming, that'd be where I'd start.

For now, I'll ask about finding a good ESN donor non smartphone so that I can get the $30 plan.

- 2B