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Re: CDMA not working in india

Originally Posted by headhair View Post
Dear hero121,
I cannot make it successful as it says "Your device cannot be activated"
Still have to contact Reliance outlet.

The easy way to find MCC & MNC
Go to GSM Network Tab->Select Manual Network
After some searching you can view CDMA networks there in the format 40520
Normally Reliance Network has MCC as 404 or 405 & rest of the digits are MNC.

Regarding SID/NID, someone has to tell how to find out the values.

And one more request..
Please upload ROM without LG Canvas.
Dear headhair

I Have started uploading just now and after two hour It would be available to you if uploading would be successful. After that I will provide download link:

Uploading completed and The download link is :-
In this rom you will not found the popup "Activation not available"
One thing I have to say that my files will not be available on the server ( for not more than a month.
I am on free user account so they used to delete/banned to download for free users. My two files are now not available for me as I am a free account user.

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