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Re: My next phone will not be Windows! I am going Android

Originally Posted by dtrush View Post
Sorry about your WP7 experience. Mine so far has been fantastic compared to my Windows Mobile overall good experience and Android nightmares with my Wife's EVO 4G.

Please, whatever you do purchase a dual-core Android device with sufficient RAM or your experience will greatly suffer.

Now that I've used WP7 it would be painful to change my thought processes back to how phones used to be designed and to have to deal with the outdated and inefficient way to accomplish tasks on the other systems.

I just did the HSPL on my Arrive last night and installed my first custom rom. I didn't NEED one but what I was trying to accomplish was to eliminate the listening to music slide open keyboard stop music bug(fixed). I also hoped the calendar was better = Is slightly with all day appointments showing on day screen now
Looking for 1 more thing to fix which is the 160 character limit on texts problem and I'd be super happy. No real need to fix what's not broken

This can also add the Important for some people Internet Sharing Feature. So it allow your Phone to turn into a Wireless WAN connection if you want it to.