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Re: what phone do you currently own?

Originally Posted by orangekid View Post
I live in the 4th largest city in the country. The point is, tmobile cannot satisfy my data needs. I don't see how getting added to a family plan and paying less than I do at tmobile for a better phone with faster data is "selling my soul to the devil"

If there are " alot of T-mobile customers and not enough capacity to support them" then tmobile needs to step up, because there are 7 million people in this city, and they have 4 networks to choose from. Plus every time an awesome phone comes out in europe or somewhere the AWS version is like twice as expensive.

I get that you like tmobile more than every other network, that's just not objectively true at all, and other networks have more perks. Sprint doesn't throttle or cap data, Verizon has better service and faster data, ATT has faster data and an iPhone and now the Note.
I don't like t-mobile over every other network but I do like great service,with value and clear cut terms to go along with it. A couple of years ago at this time I felt the same about sprint but their service had became very unusable which is my reason for leaving. according to the PCMag test done in summer 2011 T-mobile came in 2nd place for fastest network only being bested by VZ LTe and even matching that in some places. Well since u are getting onto a family plan u aren't directly selling ur soul to the devil (I say this becausetheir headquarters in TN is shaped like a pitchfork).
Originally Posted by gTen View Post
The disadvantage HSPA+ has on LTE is HSPA+ is not very spectrum efficient so it gets effected a lot worse with more customers.
@gTen LTe slowed down quite a bit too still for example at CES AT$T LTE network slowed down to like 2mbps.
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