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Re: Stuck On Boot Screen or Random Reboot While Booting (Help!)

Originally Posted by elesbb View Post
I would try task29 first before deeming it broke lol . It could be as simple as a flash gone bad . Or worse it could be the nand which is the motherboard the main memory might be shot but i would try task29 followed by either a winmo ROM or MAGLDR or cLK

EDIT: Overheating sounds about right too but since you can get to bootloader , press volume down while booting phone . Then plug it into a USB and try to flash using USB i dont like updating via SD card as it sometimes doesnt work (not bad but not good SD card)
Considering it would start backup and load, otherwise I can't do diddly unless theres a way to do it off an sd card.

Tried it even though it booted up and loaded normally and it just sat at the black HTC Loading screen stuck at 0 precent. Just like when trying to rom update from sd card.

It came back from the repair shop, nothing done to it except failed attempts at Android, WinMo and WP rom updates, but they somehow got WinMo back on it cause when I got it and was home I powered it up and let the battery charge to 50% then went through a quick setup after a the hard reset they must've done instead of the long setup... I took it to Atlanta CPR, they told me they could order the mobo for me and it would all come out to $179.00 or if I could get my hands on a good one they'd replace it for $79.00.

So I'm still on the hunt for a good hd2 with a bad cracked screen and a good mobo.

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