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Re: [TESTING] CDMA rhod AGPS (XTRA) support

Originally Posted by mbellot View Post
Two quick questions.

1. Will XTRA data get injected automatically if you boot with GPS off and then turn it on? Your explanation above seems to say "no", but I wanted to be certain.
Downloading xtra.bin is currently not part of the gps init sequence (which is a mistake), rather, it is controlled as part of a frameworks call that is related to updating the network state. So to answer your question : "it depends" on the build you are using, and how it handles the HAL init/de-init sequence. The good news is, there is infrastructure for the gps library itself to ask Android to initiate download of the xtra binary and to pass it along for an injection. Later down the road we can implement this in the gps init sequence.

Originally Posted by mbellot View Post
2. I rebooted with GPS on and the new lib, I am seeing the two lines you posted, but it is followed by what appears to be a failure message.
The short story is, after each rpc call to the gps chip, it comes back to us with a message (dispatch). Currently, we (I) have no idea what it is, and I haven't had time to dump it. I am hoping it's a message saying "a-ok", and the fact that the injection is working on my device supports this conclusion. However, when Mokkun was trying to get this lib going on a gsm device, I saw an un-interrupted stream of these dispatches trailing the final data injection. This is likely an indication of failure, and whoever picks this up on the gsm side will have to dump those messages to figure out what's wrong.

I just took a look at your log and I see the same sequence of trailing dispatches after the injection is over, so I assume the gps lock never worked for you. Could you try manually asking for the injection by using tytung's aGPS Injector?

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