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Re: [TESTING] CDMA rhod AGPS (XTRA) support

Originally Posted by detule View Post
3. Boot back in xdandroid - xtra.bin is inserted automatically shortly after bootanimation is over. Ensure you have GPS enabled in Settings->Location. If you have booted with GPS on and this lib, and you run logcat, you should hopefully see something like this in your logcat:

02-12 00:23:34.985 D/gps_rpc ( 1312): pdsm_xtra_set_data(0, 1f40, 0, 0x40b2b568, 400, 57, 100, 1)=1
02-12 00:23:34.985 D/gps_msm7k( 1312): gps_xtra_inject_xtra_data: inject part = 58/100, len = 400
4. Test: Either use google maps, or a gps testing app from the market. I like Gps Status.

Additional Information:

Currently, xtra.bin is downloaded every time you reboot into Android. If you would like to injetct it manually, you can use tytung's excellent aGPS Injector App.
Two quick questions.

1. Will XTRA data get injected automatically if you boot with GPS off and then turn it on? Your explanation above seems to say "no", but I wanted to be certain.

2. I rebooted with GPS on and the new lib, I am seeing the two lines you posted, but it is followed by what appears to be a failure message.

02-12 13:11:44.300 D/gps_rpc (  121): pdsm_xtra_set_data(0, 1f40, 0, 0x407d84b0, 400, 94, 100, 1)=1

02-12 13:11:44.300 D/gps_msm7k(  121): gps_xtra_inject_xtra_data: inject part = 95/100, len = 400

02-12 13:11:44.300 D/gps_rpc (  121): xdr_xtra_data_args() is called: 0x407d8640, 400, 95, 100

02-12 13:11:44.300 E/gps_rpc (  121): dispatch_pdsm() received unknown procid: 5

02-12 13:11:44.310 D/gps_rpc (  121): pdsm_xtra_set_data() is called: clnt_stat=0
Is that expected (the unknown procid message), or is it failing on something?

I'm running OMGB on a RHOD400 with Boost service, I'll try getting a position lock next, but wanted to post about the possible log issue.
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