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GPS problem

Hey guys and gals,

I'm sure someone has had to have this problem or seen it around.

My GPS does not lock on me any more what so ever.

Check GPS in settings, its enabled.
Tried using GPS toolkit.
Tried GPS test.
Wiped my phone twice.
Anything that uses "my location" does not work.

GPS does not work no matter where I'm at. I've tried in countless areas and it does not work.

When I go to google maps and hit "my location" it says "Waiting for location" and then comes back "Your current location is temporarily unavailable".

Its worked perfectly fine until these last 2 months.

I know that my phone has received some updates that seem to have been Samsung phone related updates, but I can't recall exactly when my phone's GPS stopped functioning.

Internet works fine. I can search random things, I can watch youtube videos, I can play games online, but I cannot rely on my phone for any last minute directions.

Other than my phone being defective I have no clue.
Phone: Galaxy S2 (Sprint)
Carrier: Sprint
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