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Re: Do you like your TP 2?

Originally Posted by eric12341 View Post
@fixxxer2008 don't see how anyone could go back to a device with a smaller screen and lower resolution from a device with a larger screen and higher resolution.

@Tmair I recommend u give Tmobile a try, u don't get these ridiculous fees for wanting to use a more up to date phone and u get much better speeds as well.
Here where I live my son and his wife were on TMobile, they were not happy, they switched to Sprint, and say that it is much better, I personily have not tried TMobile, and wont be able to until my contract is up, and that is my goal to get all 4 phones out of contract, then maybe contact retensions to see what they can do, I was happy with my Palm treo, but now no support ofcourse, and now WM has gone that way so it seams they are forcing us into so called smart phones, I plan on getting the best deal I can!
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