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Re: New phones coming out this year on sprint?

Originally Posted by eyeb View Post
biggest android with keyboard that sprint has is the epic :S it's getting a bit old but still a good phone

for how thin the keyboardless phones are, i've seen some clip-on bluetooth keyboards for phones that make it a "slider". just have to remember to charge both the keyboard and the phone at night :S

though this thread should be in phone comparison/carrier discussions probably, not really a tp2 issue

Yeah they need to make the Touch 4G or EVO/3D with a keyboard. Not likely though. So I'm saying the new phones that come out had better have a sliding keyboard, with the biggest screen available. I don't care if the damn thing is the size of a laptop almost! LOL. Seriously though, making it thicker won't hurt! Most people would rather have that I think.

That's a cool idea about the clip on bluetooth keyboard. I'll have to look into that if the next crop of phones don't have a slider.

I had considered posting this there, but it's a ghost town. I want to talk about this where people still actually post. And get insight from fellow TP2 users, of which they are waiting to jump on. Nothing that is out right now is an option for me like I said, I want to wait for the next crop of phones. I want the best phone out there on the market! :P

(Although I am tempted to get a Touch 4G, I would miss the HTC UI. Plus the Touch 4G is going to be out of date soon I bet.)
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