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New phones coming out this year on sprint?

So I've been using WinMo since about 2008, started with the Touch Pro. I think it's about time to switch to Android from the TP2. Don't really care for (cr)apple or the new Windows Phone..

Does anyone here have any news on what phones will be coming out and when? I want the best hardware available. Been holding out on getting a new phone for awhile now. I'd prefer HTC because of the UI, but would also be open to Samsung. I wish they would make a phone like the Touch 4G, EVO etc with a pull out keyboard. I like being able to text without having to necessarily having keep my eyes on the phone. But whenever they release a smart phone with a keyboard lately it's on a phone with some small crap screen! I want to "do it big" damnit! LOL. Giant screen, quad processor if available, keyboard! It just doesn't make any sense why they wouldn't make the EVO/3D/4G Touch without a real keyboard, it pisses me off! Kinda like how the Diamond was to the Touch Pro, that's how it should be!

So what's the scoop on new phones to be coming out? How much longer do I need to wait until I can upgrade and have it be worth it. Getting tired of all the glitches and slowness the TP2 has.
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