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Re: OMJ's HTC EVO 2.3.3 Custom ROM v5.0 | GingerBread 4.12.651.1 | *Updated 4/15/11*

Originally Posted by richarc93 View Post
I got the PRL and Profile to update, but the voicemail icon still never went away even after deleting all voicemails and rebooting. Overall it runs REALLY FAST and smooth but the two things right now that made me go back to your 4.6 ROM were:
1 - BATTERY IS Draining like crazy...
2 - Voicemail icon not resetting on status bar.

Keep up the Awesome work... If it wouldn't be for the battery drain, I definetly could live with the voicemail icon not going away..

Thanks... I'll keep waiting to see what others say about the ROM... I'm wondering if anyone else is having the fast battery drain like I was.??? I hope it isn't my new 3500 that's already bad?? It could be??

what did you do for the crazy battery drain, I've been on this ROM for 1 day, and it's eating up my 3500mah too, what's the solution if any, thanks