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Re: Free send gps location via sms or email base google map link

hm not bad, is it your software? Like can I make a suggestion to it?
If so, it'd be nice to be able to send that screenshot as a mms text message along with link, instead of link only

since if it only sends link, I prefer using highway's gps location app. both do the same but his is a bit more polished, it's about 6 times as large in size, but 330kb isn't big lol plus i'd prefer not to have another site (in addition to google) knowing my location if it can be helpped
[APP][18AUG09]GPS Location: Send your location via sms or email as Google Maps Link - xda-developers

I know I can take screenshot of my location in google map and send it as mms myself, but if an app did it for me that's take out extra steps and be more useful
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