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Re: Upgrade from Treo755p

Originally Posted by vzihome View Post
Why is the ultra a low end phone? Besides it doesnt carry the "4g" fee...i can play onlive really good...anyways i was under the impression that you didnt want a phone that had the $10 "4g" fee. In that case evo 4g from ebay would be a good start or get a used touch pro 2 and use winmo or android

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I'm not the one who said the Ultra is a low end phone. That was someone else. The Spring page for the Ultra says "Plans for this phone require our $10/mo. Premium Data add-on charge in addition to one of the plans below". The only smartphone there that seems to not require this is the Replenish which is why I am considering it.

I had a TP2 and am thrilled to be rid of it and using Android (Evo 3D) -- the TP2 was unbelievably laggy (using a custom Rom).

What about the HTC EVO Shift 4G which I can presently get free for upgrade from Sprint?
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