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Upgrade from Treo755p

We're on Sprint and I need to get a new phone for my husband who has had a Treo755p for years. I think he'd be best off with Android and with a physical keyboard, but he will consider a virtual keyboard. His needs are very minimal. Mostly voice, some texts, a little email, calendar, very little other stuff used regularly.

It would be nice if we could easily get his contacts and calendar stuff out of the Palm Desktop and still have a way to sync with Windows XP (maybe through Outlook 2003), but could probably live with GMail sync if we can get the stuff out of Palm Desktop.

Must have is battery life of one day with moderate voice use and almost no data use.

I've been looking at the Samsung Replenish, especially since it presently is without the $10/mo. date surcharge.

What are your thoughts?
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