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Re: Free Cloud Storage for online backup (so far 48.75 Gb's free)

Originally Posted by lnando84 View Post
Basically is offering 50GB online storage (normally 5GB) to anyone with an LG or Xperia phone. If you dont have any of these phones you can still benifit from this offer by quickly editing your build.prop.

HOW TO GET FREE 50GB ( STORAGE (your phone need to be rooted):

1. Download Box(v1.4.2.2) and install it on your Android device.
2. Use Root Explorer to edit the file build.prop in system folder (root/system):

edit these two lines to look like this (MAKE A BACKUP FIRST);
ro.product.model=VS910 4G

3. Reboot the device

4. Open the box app, either register for a new account or login using your 5 Gb account, and you should receive a 50GB account or account upgrade.

This offer ends on the 31st of December so make the most of it.
Don't forget to restore your original build.prop after.

If this works for ya, don't forget to hit the thanks button!! And if anyone needs(non root users), pm me your email addy with a temp password(for the box account) and I'll sign you up for one!!
Thanks lnando this worked perfectly. I wanted to add that if you log off the box app and register with a different email address it will give you another 50GB on that email address. I guess to infinity (so far I've done it on 4 email addresses).
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