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Re: [BUILD] **Complete FroYo Bundle** FRX07.1 - Maintenance Release

Originally Posted by arrrghhh View Post
Here's an interesting point. it suggest to NOT use the option to put an app on the SD ( as some other people have suggested), but rather to increase the DATA.IMG

Can I store apps on the SD card / I'm out of space!!

Well first of all, everything is on the SD card - so the apps are already on your SD card. Please don't use app2sd for this reason... it won't work. However, instead of being directly on the SD they're stored in this data.img file (along with every other user-related thing like SMS's, phone call log, etc etc). So if you go to Settings -> SD Card & Phone Storage -> "Internal phone storage" is basically this data.img file. There is a pretty slick app that allows you to expand the size of this file - just make sure you have the space on your SD! Data Expansion Tool"
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